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KIKZ 1250 AM

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Thank you for choosing to listen to KIKZ 1250 AM online! This station is utilizing a national streaming services company to broadcast its signal to the Internet.

The staff and owners of KIKZ 1250 AM and KSEM 106.3 FM are proud to bring our online listening audience these programs including selected LIVE sports programs featuring the Seminole High School Indians and Maidens.

> Simulcast News and Talk Programming 7:05-8:00 AM, 12 Noon-1:00 PM, M-F
> Live DENVER CITY HIGH SCHOOL Sports: Streamed Live on Internet

> Live DENVER CITY HIGH SCHOOL Sports: Streamed Live on Internet
    Boys and Girls Basketball



    There may be many reasons why you are unable to stream.  To make sure that we are starting with a “clean slate”, we want to cover some of the basics. Please follow the steps below in the order below (even they seem redundant and/or too simple), as this may help with your streaming issue. 

1) Please verify that you have the latest version of your web browser.
2) Clear your browser cache and then open the browser. If you are unsure how to do this, please visit: WikiHow for instructions related to your browser.
3) Visit the station web site and attempt to launch the stream.
4) If you still cannot stream, turn off your virus protection, start the stream, and turn your virus protection back on. DO NOT leave it off! This is just to test if the virus protection is blocking the stream.
5) Turn off third-party add-ons/plug-ins, like specialty toolbars and then try to stream.

PLEASE NOTE: You must follow all instructions carefully and close all open applications, if instructed to do so. This ensures that updates/installs are done fully and properly.

Listening at Work:

If your system is behind a firewall (typical at an office network), please contact your network administrator to open up your firewall to allow your system to access this stream via port 80 or verify that they allow streaming media to be played over the network.

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